YKSUG Summer Schools 2018

Summer Schools Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


Summer school of the Russian language


Duration:05.08.2018 – 25.08.2018

The program of the Russian Language Summer School is designed for those who begin to learn Russian or want to improve their language skills and knowledge. The training will be carried out in the groups of up to eight persons depending on the level of the Russian language proficiency.

Participation fee: 325 euro

Tel.:+375 152 680229

e-mail: rls@grsu.by

Website: http://rls.grsu.by



Summer school “Modern problems of the theory of differential equations: achievements and applications”


Duration:16.09.2018 – 29.09.2018

Improvement of knowledge and competences of Postgraduate, Master and Bachelor students from the Republic of Belarus, Germany and other countries, mastering the latest achievements of mathematical science, solving  actual problems of the theory of differential equations and their applications. The Summer School will allow to develop individual creative abilities, to get acquainted with experienced teachers, to discuss with colleagues your own scientific concepts, and also to compare researches in related sciences and determine the possibility of their application in practice. Lessons in the form of lectures, reports, trainings, round tables will be conducted by scientists of the Republic of Belarus, Germany, Slovenia, and Russia, who are known in the world for their scientific achievements.

Participation fee:650 euro

Tel: +375-29-618-84-81

e-mail: grin@grsu.by

Website: http://data.mf.grsu.by/daad/kont.htm


Summer School “Introduction to sustainable development: economy, ecology, society”


Duration: 01.06.2018 – 10.06.2018

Studying the course of the Baltic University program "Introduction to sustainable development using the example of the Baltic Sea Region" , 72 hours (2 ECTS credits)

Participation fee:135 euro

Tel.: +375 29 7834525

e-mail: omor@grsu.by 


Youth scientific-practical school "dialogue of the EU and the EAEU"


Duration: 09.07.2018 – 21.07.2018

The main goal is to search for possible forms and methods of cooperation in the context of globalization and creation of regional integration groups. The participants of the school will learn to analyze and create possible instruments for the implementation of the dialogue between the EU and the EAEU.

Forms of work: master classes; workshops and discussions; meetings with interesting people; acquaintance with production activity of business entities; webinars; entertaining quests; project activity.

Participation fee:125 euro

Tel.: +375 152 487240, +375 336203483,






Summer School of media communications


Duration: 26.08.2018 – 08.09.2018

The participants of the Summer School will get new knowledge about the system and features of the functioning of the Belarusian media, learn the specifics of production organization in different types of media, gain basic skills in different media genres, as well as experience in organizing events with the participation of the media and experience in Russian, get acquainted with the history and culture of Belarus.

The main forms of work are workshops, where teachers of the department of journalism and media practice share their experience and involve the participants in active work.

Participation fee:175 euro

Tel.: +375 152 73 19 88, +375 29 550 30 27



Summer School Of Arts


Duration:09.06.2018 – 21.06.2018

You will have the opportunity not only to study fine arts and art of studio photography, but also to discover Belarus, to get acquainted with its traditions, to meet new friends and to visit many interesting events.

Participation fee: 210 euro

Tel.: +375 152 74 3119, +375 152 74 07 33




Summer School Greco-Roman wrestling school


Duration: 16.07.2018 – 26.07.2018 (the duration may be corrected)

The main goal of the Summer School is to improve the training and competition process of wrestling.

The main forms of studies are theoretical, methodical and practical. The program of the Summer School includes visits to sports facilities of the University, of Grodno and Grodno region. In the framework of the Summer School,

Training sessions will be carried out in the framework of Summer School together with members of the national team of the Republic of Belarus, prizewinners of European and world championships and other international competitions.

Participation fee: 300 euro

Tel.: +375 152 740727, +375 29 6729579

e-mail: v.maksimovich@grsu.by


Summer School Psychological Intensive Course


Duration: 22.06.2018 – 24.06.2018

Learning new psychological technologies applied in the practice of psychological counseling and psycho correction, improvement of the quality of life of school participants, acquisition of self-study and self-help skills, solving life problems.

Forms of conducting: trainings, workshops, master classes.

Participation fee: 120 euro

Tel.: +375 29 789 20 67





Duration: 23.07.2018 – 30.07.2018

The main goal of the training camps for sports programming is preparation of student teams (participants of the ACM ICPC season 2018/2019) to successful participation  in the World Championship in programming. The curriculum includes contests, analysis and thematic lectures.

Participation fee: 285 euro

Tel.: +375 152 487235




Summer School Unknown Europe: History, Culture and Society of Belarus


Duration: 10.09.2018 – 21.09.2018

The main goal of the Summer School is to develop the cross-cultural competencies of international students through direct participation in the study of the cultural diversity of Europe, including countries that are not part of the EU (on the example of Belarus). The program of the Summer School includes lectures, seminars, master classes, excursions, during which the students will be able to get acquainted with the regional geography of Belarus, its rich history, original culture, peculiarities of public life and economy, taste national Belarusian dishes, take part in a master class on Belarusian folk dances and games.

Participation fee: 250 euro

Tel.: +375 152 68 00 56, +375 29 784 48 36

e-mail: intercom@grsu.by