EDUFI-Trainee from Finland?

Dear Russian HEIs

(for Finnish HEIs as info, please send further to your cooperation partners in Russia),

See please the interesting map of EDUFI-trainees in the world below…


Interested to take a Finnish Trainee? To make a traineeship at the international relations office.

If yes…


Deadline for the placement offers: Thursday the 21th of August 2018.

Traineeship for 3months can start at the earliest January 2019 and must start at the latest during May 2019.



EDUFI Finnish National Agency for Education (former CIMO) pays to a Finnish trainee in Russia a scholarship for 3 months.

So if you want to offer for a Finnish student a traineeship placement, please fill in the form under the link below (in English) and send it to us:


To make an offer:

(Use web browser for the link if needed - Do remember to mark the period of traineeship + the tasks)

We hope that your institution could also offer him a possibility to make a Russian course, if wished by the student and may be some other beneficies

Please inform about the language course in the form in “additional information”, also if accommodation possibilities – or other info needed.


How the Finnish students are?

Many of the Finnish interns who come to Russia speak Russian, part of them though only the basics. All speak English, and some of them also up to that other foreign languages. All the students have worked during their studies.


EDUFI (CIMO) has sent all over the world annually appr. 200-300 students abroad to make a traineeship. As you can see in the map.



Very best regards - Thank you – Spasibo – Kiitos


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Jaana Mutanen / EDUFI Traineeships – EDUFI-harjoittelu



Finnish National Agency for Education

Tel: + 358 (0)295 338 569