Member Profile - St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia

St. Petersburg State University of Economics also known as UNECON is one of the leading Russian universities with over a century experience in educating top professionals in economics and management.

The university academic strength is grounded in thorough professionalism and social responsibility. Whatever subject students choose to study at UNECON, they acquire a solid foundation in economics and pursue in-depth study in their chosen fields. Academically meticulous curriculum ensures a challenging study experience. Dedicated faculty and staff provide expert tuition and support. Opportunities for research are offered in all academic departments. Serious theoretical studies are combined with a real world learning experience through a system of on-site practical training and internship in Russian and international companies.

St. Petersburg State University of Economics has a long tradition of building and maintaining international links. UNECON learning environment allows students to gain an international outlook and engage with global academic issues through vast exchange programs, double degree programs, international scientific projects, etc.

Studying in St. Petersburg is an exciting, rewarding, enlightening and somewhat “insanity-inducing” experience. UNECON central St. Petersburg location means that all excitement of a major city: its lavish architecture, high art and wild nightlife are up close from the place of study.

Committed to providing excellent education, UNECON moves forward with confidence!

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