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BSRUN Members’ News. 20-26 Apr 2021

Belarusian State University
BSU Rector Andrey Korol took part in the Global Forum of University Rectors 2021 «Innovation for the Future: Strategy and New Mission of Universities». The event is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University (China). The features and prospects of development of universities in the 21st century and their potential were discussed. The forum brought together the heads of more than 110 universities from 16 countries.

University of Turku
The University of Turku participated in the THE Impact Rankings 2021 which ranks universities according to their success in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals. The University was the most successful in the goal for climate action (Goal 13) where it was ranked 49th. In addition to the climate action, the University of Turku was ranked in the following SDGs: 17 (Partnerships), 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 5 (Gender Equality), 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), and 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). In all these categories, the University was ranked above the average of all universities. The best scores the University of Turku received in the goals 9 and 11. Of the actions included in these goals, patents and protecting cultural heritage received the maximum score. The University of Turku participated in the ranking for the second time. The University was ranked among the 301-400 best universities in the overall ranking. 

Riga Technical University
In the THE Impact Rankings 2021, RTU was ranked among the 201-200 world universities that are the most successful in achieving SDGs. RTU efforts to achieve Goal 13 are highly valued — RTU is ranked 64th in this position. In turn, evaluating Goal 9 — RTU is ranked 82nd in the world. No other Latvian higher education institution has been evaluated so high in these two criteria. RTU is also ranked 101-200 in SDG 8 and 201-300 in SDG 7, 11 and 12. Sustainable development is one of RTU priorities, which is transformed into a variety of actions, such as the creation of the concept of Green Ķīpsala in 2018, with a strong focus on sustainable, smart and environmentally friendly development. The aim of the university is to raise awareness among students, employees and the public about the need to reduce the ecological footprint and to promote the creation and use of environmentally friendly technologies. 

University of Latvia
The Academic Center, which is still being built, is approaching to ensure that almost all faculties are located in one place in Torņakalns. Specialists are working to ensure that the premises of all building are ergonomic and well equiped, capable of meeting the needs of students and staff. Foolow the link for more information.

The University of Latvia has taken the 201st–300th place in THE Impact Rankings 2021 and is ranked amongst the world’s TOP 200 universities according to three Sustainable Development Goals. LU excels in categories «Decent Work and Economic Growth» (101st-200th place), «Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions» (101st-200th place), as well as «Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure» (101st–200th place). It shows that LU makes its contribution to the sustainable development of Latvia and society in whole.

Gdansk University of Technology
In THE Impact Rankings 2021, GUT was classified in the range of 601-800 and at the same time was among the leading Polish universities included in the overall ranking. GUT is the best in four SDGs areas, ranking first among national universities in each of them. The university was placed in a very high 101-200 range in the world ranking in SDG 9 and 13. GUT was also classified in the range of 301-400 in SDG 12. As the only university in Poland, it was ranked in the range of 401-600 in SDG 16.

Medical University of Gdansk
MUG has been placed among 5,5% world’s best universities according to the Global 2000 List by the Center for World University Rankings. This rank describes in detailt 2,000 world’s best universities from 19 788 (including 40 Polish) taken into account. MUG took 1087th place in total, 49th in Europe and 15th in Poland as well as turned to be the best university in Gdansk.

University of Lodz
An advisory team for climate and environmental policy has been appointed at the University of Lodz. The goal of the Team is to build the image of the University of Lodz as a university that consciously and actively cares for the environment. The team will set directions, substantively evaluate the processes carried out at the University and propose guidelines constituting a framework for the administration. Important tasks will also include initiating and coordinating the University’s activities in the field of implementing pro-environmental and pro-climate solutions in order to achieve a more sustainable future.

Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
In the overall rating of the THE Impact Rankings 2021, Herzen University was ranked 401-600. The University was included in the TOP-200 universities for providing society with quality education (SDG 4 Quality education), ensuring gender equality (SDG 5 Gender equality), reducing the level of inequality within the country (SDG 10 Reducing inequality) and sustainable development (SDG 11 Sustainable development of cities and communities).

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
In the current edition of the THE Impact Rankings, IKBFU took the 401-600 place. In total, 1115 universities from 94 countries of the world took part in the ranking, including 86 Russian universities — Russia is the leader in the number of universities participating in the ranking. 

IKBFU invites you to take part in the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Growth on the Innovation Management Platform which will be held on 27-29 May. Foolow the link for more information.

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University
In the new edition of THE Impact Rankings, ETU “LETI” showed the best result in the «Decent Work and Economic Growth» moving up by 100 positions compared to last year — from 201-300 group to the 101-200 group. The positive dynamics are due to the high share of employees with long-term contracts and a policy on ending discrimination in the workplace. LETI has a trade union of employees and guarantees equal rights to work. The second-best SDG for the university is «Industry Innovation and Infrastructure», in which the university maintained its position in the 201-300 group. The LETI’s strongest indicators were the number of university spin-offs, research income from industry, and published articles on topics related to this SDG. In the Affordable and Clean Energy SDG, despite the total number of participants growing, the university managed to maintain its position in the 301-400 group. It was facilitated by high scores for energy consumption per square meter of campus and collaboration with the energy community. In the overall rating, the University is ranked 601-800.

St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg State University was included in the THE University Impact Rankings in the category «Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions» and took the place in the 101-200 group. The University was also marked in SDG 3, 4, 11 and 17.

SPbSU entered again the top 100 universities in the world in the Teaching nomination according to the RUR World University Ranking 2021. It climbed 16 lines at once, taking the 73rd position. The high result reflects, among others, the consistent introduction of digital educational technologies into the educational process. The University also moved up in the Research nomination by nine lines and in the Financial sustainability — by 14 lines.

Yaroslav-The-Wise Novgorod State University
On 24-25 April, the Russian-German Academy for Continuing Education of NovSU took part in the German Language Day within the 18th Week of Germany in St. Petersburg and in the Virtual Science Day. Eleven German universities presented reports and presentations on scholarship programmes and support for international student projects. Students shared their personal experiences about their studies at German universities and participation in double degree programmes.

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