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  • Annual BSRUN Forum "International and National University Rankings" (17 October, Saint Petersburg)

Baltic Sea Region University Network in cooperation with Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) held BSRUN Annual Forum on 17 October  2019.

Traditionally Annual Forum raises actual problems of the BSR higher education: the importance of the universities as bridges between East and West, international academic mobility, university branding and rebranding, university strategy in the processes of merges and reforms. The Forum 2019 discussed international university rankings and their influence on the global trends in the higher education. Special attention was paid to methodology and assessment criterias in different ranking systems, to the tools of ranking results comparison, to the emergence of new generation of regional and national features in the university activities. The keynote speakers represented leading international and regional ranking agencies. More than 70 participants from six countries (Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Poland and Russia) attended the Forum and took part in the vivid discussions.


Presentations and photos

  • Higher Education in Poland after the Reform (28 May, Warsaw)

The seminar was organised in the University of Warsaw. Polish and foreign speakers presented experience in reforms of the system of higher education. Key changes affecting universities, ways and directions of further reforming were discussed.



  • Building Campuses: Challenges and Practices (15-16 May, Riga)

The seminar was organised in the University of Latvia. The event was be devoted to discussion of the best practices and innovations in campus management to improve and transform educational experience for the students. 





  • Foreign Language Education and Language Centre Management (14.06.2018, Berlin)


The seminar was conducted in the Berlin School of Economics and Law (the HWR Berlin) in cooperation with BSRUN at June 14th, 2018.




  • The Annual BSRUN Forum "Implementing University Strategy and Mobilities" (07.06.2018, Saint Petersburg)

Baltic Sea Region University Network and St. Petersburg State University of Economics organised the Annual BSRUN Forum 2018 “Implementing University Strategy and Mobilities” on June 7th in St. Petersburg, Russia.





  • Seminar on University Cooperation with Belarus in the Baltic Sea Region (21-22.03.2018, Minsk)

The Belarus State Economics Univerity in cooperation with Baltic Sea Region University Network conducted the International seminar on University Cooperation with Belarus in the Baltic Sea Region organised back to back with Coordination meeting in the framewprk of FOSTERC project.




  • Seminar on the problems of University Campus Management (28.02-02.03.2018, Pskov)

Pskov State University together with Baltic Sea Region Univeristy and Association of Vice-Rectors for International Relations of the NorthWest HEIs (AVRIR) has held the seminar on the problems of University Campus Management.

Representatives of Russian and European Universities shared the experience of their university campus development, discuss International (European) quality standards, requirements to the campuses and the prospects of development, show models of financing for creation and maintenance of the campuses, university property complexes, including efficient tools of public-private partnership, present best practices of dormitory management.


Presentations and photos



  • The seminar "Student life at universities – Creating a new story of student services", 11-12 December 2017

The seminar was organised together with Saimaa UAS. 


The seminar was integral part of the 11th Finnish Russian Seminar for Higher Education Cooperation “Creating a New Story”


  • The annual BSRUN Forum on "Universities as the bridge between East and West" at Riga, 19 October 2017

The annual BSRUN Forum was held in the University of Latvia on 19 October. 



Belarusian State Univeristy

Irinja Paakkanen, Mari Leino (University of Turku) - Implementing University Strategy in Mobility Programmes 


Juris Krūmiņš, Biruta Sloka (University of Latvia) - From EuroFaculty in Baltic Countries to the Baltic Sea Region Study Program, National Research Program and EuroFaculty/Pskov

Anneli Pirttilä (Saimaa University of Applied Sciences) - Strategic Partnership in Successful Internationalisation of Higher Education

Alexander Rapoport (University of Latvia) - Our approach: active international cooperation

Adela Garcia-Aracil (University Politecnica de Valenica) - FOSTERC project

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  • International Seminar "Competence approach in designing educational programs" at Minsk, 30-31 March 2017

International Seminar «Competence approach in designing educational programs» was held in Belarusian State University. The seminar was integral part of the FOSTERC project in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme.

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About FOSTERC project


    • Baltic Sea Science day, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, 8 February 2017

On 8 February 2017 the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in cooperation with Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) held its first  conferfence Baltic Sea Science Day in order to discuss wuth a wider circle of stakeholders of the CBSS Science, Research and Innovation Agenda the way forward in the CBSS engagement in transnational facilitation of cooperation in science and research domains.

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    • BSRUN Annual Forum "University Branding and Rankings" at University of Warsaw, 26 October 2016

The Baltic Sea Region University Network held the Annual BSRUN Forum “University Branding and Rankings” in the Kazimierz Palace of the University of Warsaw on 26th of October 2016.



List of participants


Waldemar Siwiński

Zoya Zaitseva

Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak

Prof. Igor Maksimtsev

Prof. John Eriksson

Dr. Rimantas Vaitkus

Ksenia Prasolova

Dr. Olli Niemi

Prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk




    • Conference "University Campus Management and Development - Contemporary Trends and Future of University Campuses", Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland, 2-3 June 2016

Baltic Sea Region University Network and Gdańsk University of Technology organised the conference "University Campus Management and Development - Contemporary Trends and Future of University Campuses" at Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland on 2-3 June 2016.




List of participants



Dr. Krzysztof Szczepaniak

Prof. Lucyna Nyka

Prof. Jakub Szczepański

Prof. Jacek Bigda

Imants Klavs

Prof. Aigars Locmelis

Gloria Niin

Mauno Sievanen

Juha Uotila

Prof. Arkadiusz Żukowski

Piotr Białas

Dr. Romanika Okraszewska

Dr. Dmitry Vasilenko


  • Competence Development and University Curricula, Belarusian State Pedagogical University (BSPU), Minsk, 18 May 2016

Belarusian State Pedagogical University (BSPU) in cooperation with BSRUN organised the international seminar "Competence Development and University Curricula"  at the BSPU Minsk on 18.05.2016.


Information letter



Olga Semenova, St. Petersburg State University

Prof. dr. Jose-Gines Mora, University of Oxford

Prof. dr. Eila Lindfors, University of Turku


Adela Garcia-Aracil, Technical University of Valencia

Anna Rybak, Małgorzata Dajnowicz, Katarzyna Szorc, University of Białystok

Alexey Khomich, Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin

Prof. Victor Gaisenok, Prof. Igor Titovich, National Institute for Higher Education of the Republic of Belarus

Prof. Zuk

Prof. Valentina Simkhovich, Prof. Svetlana Romanova, Belarus State Economic University


  • 10th seminar on Cooperation between Russian and Finnish Institutions of Higher Education "Melting the Ice: Ten Years of Success", 10-11 February, St. Petersburg, Russia

The 10th Seminar on Cooperation between Russian and Finnish Institutions of Higher Education addressed current issues in Finnish-Russian university cooperation, related to the mobility of higher education students and staff and joint projects.

About one hundred representatives from educational institutions from Russia and Finland took part in the seminar. The seminar was opened by Samu Seitsalo (Director General, CIMO) and by Igor Mazimtsev (Chairman of the Association of the Vice Rectors for International Relations of North-West Russia, Rector of UNECON).

Seminar’s participant discussed the similar circle of questions and problems of cooperation. The appropriate presentations you can find in the attached files.

During the seminar award ceremony was celebrated where number of persons were awarded for the substantial contribution in the cooperation development between Russian and Finish educational institutions on behalf of CIMO and Association of the Vice Rectors for International Relations of North-West Russia.



Registration form

List of participants


Outi Jappinen

Jens Rasmussen

Anastasia Cherkasova

Maija Airas

Tiina Vihma-Purovaara

Riitta Pyykko

Elena Terekhina

Sini Piippo and Anni Kallio

Anna Muraveva

Evgeni V.Shevchenko

Jan Lundin

Tuija Koponen

Elena Nikonchuk

Anne Makkonen





  • International seminar 'University Real Estate Management', 8-9 October, St. Petersburg, Russia

Seminar was held at the Scientific Library of RANEPA, Saint-Petersburg (8th Line of Vasilievsky Island, 61, Saint-Petersburg), founded in 1906 as a Library of the First State Russian Duma. RANEPA, Saint-Petersburg is the largest European HEI, providing education in the sphere of training, continuous training and re-training public and municipal servants, as well as specialists in humanities and economics.

The Plenary session was followed by consecutive Workshops on construction of the brand new campuses, reconstruction and re-mastering of existing venues and preservation of historical monuments.

The key topics for discussion: concepts, structure, functions and applied requirements for university campuses; establishment concept and applied requirements for ensuring the effectiveness of all major and provision activities for the campus , including: requirements for the design and construction of various categories of campus premises (residential, educational, administrative, experimental and industrial, social, health and fitness, etc.) to ensure the provision of eco-friendly resource saving (including human capital) campus environment and the establishment of energy-efficient lifestyle as well as educational, scientific, production and engineering activities; requirements for campus engineering provision in accordance with international standards; requirements for campus energy supply on the basis of optimal combination of traditional energy sources and all economically feasible and affordable alternative and renewable energy sources; existing models in the area of social communications at University, the existing practice to ensure the most favorable conditions for human potential development; financial tools and legal aspects of regulation of this area in the BSR.



List of participants



  •  "Regional Identity: the Paradigm of Public Welfare of the Baltic Sea Region"

The 11th annual International Scientific Conference was held at Klaipeda University on 24-25 September 2015. The conference topic: “Regional Identity: the Paradigm of Public Welfare of the Baltic Sea Region” dedicated this year to the 25th anniversary of Klaipeda University.

The main purpose of the Conference was to promote the actualization of social science research, revealing social sciences’ impact on regions. The conference brought together scientists and researchers from different countries who study regions and who are able to offer a new theoretical ideas and their practical application in relevant case studies.

Topic areas:
  *   Economics
  *   Management
  *   Politics and administration
  *   Sociology, Media and Communication studies
  *   Social geography and regional development



List of participants



  • The Annual BSRUN Forum, University Mergers, University of Warsaw, 20-21 April 2015

The Forum was held at University of Warsaw on 20-21 April 2015. The topic of the Forum was “University Mergers”.



Registartion Form

List of participants


1. Prof. Tomasz Szapiro, Rector of Warsaw School of Economics, ‘Remarks on compromising academic cultures’

2. Prof. Kalervo Väänänen, Rector of University of Turku, ‘Recent Developments in Finnish HEIs: the Reasons for Mergers’

3. Prof. Igor Maksimtsev, Rector of UNECON, ‘Towards Universities Mergers: UNECON and Russian Higher Education Reform’

4. Prof. Jouni Kekäle, HR Director, University of Eastern Finland, ‘An Internal View on the University of Eastern Finland Merger’

5. Dr. Rimantas Vaitkus, First Deputy Chancellor of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, ‘Higher Education Reform in Lithuania: Achievements, Failures and Further Development’

6. Prof. Jerzy Jaroszewski, Vice-Rector for Research of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, ‘The merger of universities  - UWM in Olsztyn as an example of the benefits’





  • Seminar on EU Strategy in the sphere of education for the Baltic Sea Region

The Seminar on EU Strategy in the sphere of education for the Baltic Sea Region was held on 28 October, 2014 in Saint Petersburg within the framework of XIII All-Russia Forum for Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia ( 

Organizers of the Seminar: EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), Norden Association, City of Turku, Baltic Sea Region University Network, with Saint Petersburg State University of Economics providing technical assistance. 

The diverse and relevant program of the Seminar together with the expertise of the speakers excited the participants’ keen interest and led to the discussion of the topical issues regarding cooperation in the sphere of education. 


List of participants


Antti Paasio – EuroFaculty: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Jan Lundin – CBSS and Baltic Sea Education Cooperation

Dmitry Vasilenko – EuroFaculty: The Donor’s Experience

Victor Ionov – The Baltic University Programme

Gabriele Kotschau – University Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

Marina Makhotaeva – EuroFaculty: Experience of Pskov State University

Anders  Bergstrom – EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region In Brief

Anders  Bergstrom – PA Education In Brief


  • International Joint Conference - History, culture and nature of the Baltic Sea Region

Olsztyn, Poland, 23-24 October 2014

Interdisciplinary scientific conference undertaking issues regarding history, cultural and natural heritage of the Baltic Sea Region.

The aim of the conference is to present the cultural and natural heritage in its historical context as a component of economic potential aimed at the development of scientific research, economic cooperation, including development of tourism, education and creative forms of spending time, as well as elements of biodiversity protection in the Baltic Sea Region.

Conference is addressed to the scientific community of the Baltic States and other European countries interested in regional development aspects and relations between culture and nature.

Location: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Old Boiler House, Prawocheńskiego Street 9, Olsztyn-Kortowo, Poland


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  • Annual BSRUN Forum at St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON)

St. Petersburg, Russia, 14-16 May 2014


Preliminary Programme

Fact Sheet

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Letter with photos


1. “The Universities’ Internalization in the Baltic Sea Region”, Dr. Kazimierz Musial, University of Gdansk

2. “Benefits for BSRUN Cooperation through Global Competitive Enhancement of BSR Universities”, Irina Arzhanova, Executive Director of National Training Foundation, Moscow

3. “CIMO Activities in the Baltic Sea Region”, Juha Ketolainen, Director for Higher Education of the Centre for International Mobility CIMO

4. “From University Networks to Twin Cities – no Limits to Successful Cooperation, Dr. Gabriele Kötschau, Head of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Office in St. Petersburg

5. “Baltic Sea Region University Network”, Kari Hypponen, President of BSRUN

6. “Russian Key Initiatives to Support Academic Mobility at the State Level: Opportunities for BSR Universities”, Daria Dydzinskaya, Deputy Head of Department of Higher Education and Science Development, National Training Foundation, Moscow

7.  “Changes in the Russian Credential Recognition System”, Dr. Evgeni Shevchenko, Head of the Methodical Centre for Research and Training of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University

 8. “Student Mobility and Recognition from Finnish-Russian Perspective”, Outi Jappinen, Senior Program Advisor Erasmus+ for Higher Education, Center for International Mobility CIMO

9. “Incoming Student Mobility: Experience and Outlook”, Alexandra Drougova, Head of the Export of Educational Programs Office, St. Petersburg State University of Economics

10. “Admission of Prospective Students from Countries with English Model of Educational System: Russian experience (SPbSPU case)", Zoya Shardyko, Deputy Head of the Methodical Centre for Research and Training of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University

11. “Academic Mobility – a Modern Way of Knowledge Transfer”, Sergei Baranets,  Associate Professor, North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

12. “Transfer of Technologies: Business and Science”, Eugene Buff, President of Primary Care Innovation Consulting, Boston, MA

13. “Doing Higher Education with Russia: Double Degree Plekhanov Russian Economic University”, Dr. Rainer Wehner, University of Applied Sciences Wurzburg-Schweinfurt  | (download part 2)

14. “Successful Substitution of the Major Partner in the Cross-Border University Cooperation: Case MiBA-ToM”, Dr. Wolfgang Fritz, Braunschweig Technical University, MiBA-ToM Director, and Dr. Julia Solovjova, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, MiBA-ToM Academic Director
15. “Public Policy of re-Industrialization, Diffusion of Innovations and Universities”, Dr. Valery Yanovskiy, the North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration”

16. “Project WOPE Wood Procurement Entrepreneurship”, Dr. Svetlana Tereshchenko, Deputy Dean for International Relations, Faculty of Economics and Management, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University

17. “Co-operative Bachelor Programs – Combining Theory, Practice and Internationalization”, Dr. Andreas Zaby, Vice President of Berlin School of Economics and Law”

18. “Double Degree Programs as Financial Tool for Cooperation – DAAD Experience in Russia”, Dr. Michael Kleineberg, Head of DAAD Information Center St. Petersburg

19. “Youth cooperation in the region of Baltic Sea and financial possibilities to support it”, Daria Ahutina, Director General of Association for Cooperation with Nordic Countries “NORDEN”

20. ”Erasmus+ for Higher Education – Possibilities for BSR Countries”, Outi Jappinen, Senior Program Advisor Erasmus+ for Higher Education, Center for International Mobility CIMO

21. "BSR Funding Puzzle: Case PreKNIGHT", Harri Lappalainen, Manager, Senior Advisor of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Environment and Business


List of participants



  • Minsk, Belarus, 4 March 2014

More Information

Following the seminar "Experiences of EuroFaculty for the Future" hosted by BSU on 4 March 2014 please visit the web pages with presentations and some photos sent by the Organizers.



  • BSRUN and CBSS joint event “Frameworks for University Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region”
    Turku, Finland, 28 October 2013
    Participation is by invitation only
    Final Agenda

Final list of participants



Anders Liljenberg

Andrey Makarychev

Antti Paasio

Hanna Smith

Kazimierz Musial

Krister Hanne

Rebecka Lettevall


  • EMA2 and BSRUN joint event "International networking - sharing Erasmus Mundus success stories&introducing new cooperation"
    St. Petersburg, Russia, 3 October 2013

Final programme

Final list of participants


  • Human Resources Seminar: “Leadership during a Major Change – Mergers and the Changing Operational Environment” at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus
    Joensuu, Finland, 15-16 November 2012 

Registration form and list of hotels

Final programme

List of participants

Practical information:

Campus map

Town map

  • "University - Business Partnerships for Innovation and Development" at St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC)
    St. Petersburg, Russia, 18 September 2012

Registration form

List of participants

Final Programme


Kyle Patching "Graduates: How do start?"

Olga Korableva "Engineering Club: Consolidation of Business, Education and Authorities for Innovative Leadership"

Pasi Malinen "Open Innovation Approach to University-Industry Development"

Kari Hypponen "Baltic Sea Region University Network"

Valentin Galenko "Executive Education as an Effective Tool for University-Business Cooperation"

  • Contacts meeting
    Gdansk, Poland, 10 May 2012 (10.00-11.30)
  • BSRUN/Erasmus Mundus Action 2 mobility project BMU-MID joint seminar "University-Business Partnerships in Europe" at Vilnius University
    Vilnius, Lithuania, 4 April 2012

    Registration form 

          List of participants


Mr. Gundars Bezins "University of Latvia Full Cost Approach"

Ms. Meri Louhi "Full costing principles and practices in the University of Turku"

Ms. Laila Niedrite "Information Systems of University of Latvia as Data Sources for Decison Support"

Mr. Jonas Gaubis "The Implementation of Full Costing at Vilnius University"

Registration form for Finance directors workshop


  • BSRUN seminar on Marketing and Networking for Internationalization
    Vilnius, Lithuania, 25 November 2011 

Announcement from Dr. Rimantas Vaitkus
Final Programme
Registration form

Arrival information



  • BSRUN event on University - Business Cooperation at Belarusian State University (BSU)
  • Research and Innovation Centres at Universities: Building, Running, Maintaining
  • EU-Drivers
    Riga, Latvia, 4-5 May 2011
  • Tolerance and Integration of Minorities
    Finland, Turku, University of Turku, Faculty of Law, 3 May 2011 (12.15 - 17.00)

    Registration form


  • Managing International Staff and Student Mobility
    St. Petersburg, Russia, 3 February 2011 (10:00 - 17:45); Registration at 9:30




  • Tolerance and Intolerance in the Modern Society in the World Crisis Conditions
    St. Petersburg, Russia, 22-23 April 2010
  • Plenary Meeting
    Turku, Finland, 25 February 2010

  • Political Dimensions of the Implementation of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
    Turku, Finland, 26 February 2010


  • Research Collaboration of Technology Education Network
    Rauma, Finland, 14-15 December 2009 (by invitation only)
  • Topical Issues in the Internationalisation of Higher Education
    - Creating New Identities for Institutions through Internationalisation
    - Regional Universities: Issues of Visibility and International Recognition
    - Technology Education Today: Crisis or Development?
    Novgorod, Russia, 18-19 May 2009


  • Round-Table on Baltic Sea Strategy
    (Centrum Balticum in Turku and BSRUN)
    (by invitation)
    Turku, Finland, 28 November 2008
  • Seminar on Tolerance
    St. Petersburg, Russia, 25 April 2008
    BSRUN session at Seminar on Tolerance and Intolerance in the Modern World: The East - the West
    St. Petersburg, Russia, 24-25 April 2008



Group photo


  • Problems of Internationalisation of University Education: View from Russia and the European Union
    Svetlogorsk, Russia, 5-6 June, 2006
    (by invitation only)

Bologna Process: Developments until 2005 Bergen Ministerial Conference, Work Programme for 2005-2007 and 2007 Stocktaking Methodology (.ppt)
Professor Andrejs Rauhvargers, University of Latvia, Secretary General, Latvian Rector's Council
Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Finland (.ppt)
Professor Riitta Pyykkö, University of Turku
Privatization of Polish Higher Management Education (1989-2001) Aspects of quality enforcement (.pdf)
Professor Aleksander Sulejewicz

  • Universities as Active Agents in the Social and Economic Development of the Regions
    Grodno, Belarus, 21-22 April 2006
  • Cultural Impact on Sensory Properties and Values in Baltic Sea Region
    Kaunas, Lithuania, 23 January 2006

Councils as Instruments for University Development Vice-Rector Peeter Normak, Tallinn University
Management issues at Vilnius University
Gintaras Dikcius, Marijus Jurgutis and Aleksas Pikturna


  • PhD Programmes in Cultural Interaction and Integration and the Baltic Sea Region
    Tartu, Estonia, 7-9 September, 2005


  • Good Scientific Practice - BSRUN Workshop on Research Ethics
    Turku, Finland, 12 - 13 November 2004
  • Plenary Meeting
    Riga, Latvia, 5-6 March, 2004


  • Senior Management Seminar
    Seminar is intended for the representatives of the University of Latvia and the University of Turku,Kuressaare, Estonia, 19-20 September 2003


  • Senior Management Seminar
    Riga, Latvia, 11-12 October 2002
    Seminar was intended for the representatives of the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and the University of Turku
  • Workshop on Current Topics in European Research Management
    Turku, Finland, 27-28 May 2002
  • Baltic Seminar of University Administrators (BSUA)
    Tartu, Estonia, 6-7 May 2002


  • Senior Management Seminar
    Kuressaare, Estonia, 11-13 October 2001
  • Baltic Seminar of University Administrators (BSUA)
    Kaunas, Lithuania, 7-8 May, 2001


  • Baltic Seminar of University Administrators (BSUA)
    Riga, Latvia, 14-16 September 2000
  • The Role of the University in the Development of Regional Policy
    Juodkrante, Lithuania, 13-14 June 2000