Seminar "Higher Education in Poland after the Reform" (Warsaw, Poland)

The Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and The Baltic Sea Region University Network are organizing an international seminar entitled “Higher Education in Poland after the Reform”.

The Seminar will take place on May 28, 2019 at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw (1/3 Szturmowa St., Warsaw).

The implemented reform of higher education in Poland introduces a number of changes, which will impact university operations, its’ financing and scientific future. It aims to raise the level of scientific research and increase internationalization. Significant changes will be made to how universities are financed and managed.

The seminar will be devoted to current issues, including: a) the internationalization of Polish higher education; b) the development of students’ and researchers’ mobility; and c) the exchange of research experience.

It will be an excellent opportunity to discover the best practices in this area, from Poland and abroad.

The seminar will present key changes that affect universities as well as ways and directions of reforming them further. Both Polish and foreign speakers will present their experience in the reforms of the system of higher education.

We are counting on your participation in the event. Please, see the draft programme of the seminar and the registration form in the attachment. The registration closes on May 23, 2019.