Council of the Baltic Sea States

BSRUN is a strategic partner of CBSS

Horizontal Action (HA) Neighbours Coordination Group

BSRUN is a member of the HA Neighbours Coordination Group

Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference

BSRUN has an observer status with BSPC

Baltic Science Network

BSRUN is associate partner of the BSN and BSN_powerhouse projects


Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window/Action 2 projects

BSRUN is an associate member of Triple I, Aurora, BMU-MID and MID


BSRUN is an associate partner in the MODERN European Platform on Higher Education Modernisation

EU-Drivers – European Drivers for a Regional Innovation Platform

BSRUN is a project partner in the EU-Drivers project of ESMU (European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities)

United Nations Academic Impact

BSRUN endorses and subscibes to the principles in the United Nations Academic Impact