The Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN) was founded in 2000 when the first 16 institutions signed the agreement in Turku.

In accordance with a mutual desire to continue the successful cooperation within 10 years and taking into account the decision of the BSRUN Plenary Meeting on 25 February 2010, member institutions agreed to sign a new agreement (Agreement).

BSRUN Rules and Regulations

BSRUN is an umbrella organisation to facilitate and enhance co-operation between the members.

Plenary Meeting of the network is organised every third year.

The executive body of the network is the Steering Committee.


Kari Hyppönen РChairman of the Steering Committee

Tel.: +358 405 569 019


Dmitry Vasilenko – Vice-Rector for International Relations, St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON)

Tel.: +7 812 310 1963

President and Vice-President comprise the Executive Committee.

BSRUN Secretariat at UNECON

In charge of the Secretariat – Dmitry Vasilenko, Vice-Rector for International Relations

Aleksei Iurin, Alyona Zainullina – Secretarial Services
Department for International Cooperation, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON)
Sadovaya Street 21, St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 952 66 66 366