NWIM RANEPA invites students to apply for international MSc programmes

“Hospitality enterprise management: specifics of doing business in Russia” 
North-West Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration has launched a new internatinal exchange programme “Hospitality enterprise management: specifics of doing business in Russia”. It is one-semester module for Master’s degree students which will help students better understand Russian and International Business in the field of Hospitality, strengthen the essential skills needed to solve real cases, develop a corporate strategy and organizational development programmes and implement them. 

Language: English. Academic load: 30 ECTS. 
The curriculum includes the following compulsory courses:
– Operational Management of Hospitality Enterprise
– Branding and Promotion of Hospitality Enterprise
– Cross-Cultural Communication and Service of Foreign Guests
– Economics and Yield Management of Hospitality Enterprise
– Human Resource Management in Hospitality

“Modern European law and International integration” 
NWIM RANEPA has launched updated one-semester module for Master’s degree students “Modern European law and International integration”. It will help students better understand international and European law, interpret and apply legal regulations of the institutions of the European Union, strengthen skills to solve legal cases in the field of human rights. 

Language: English. Academic load: 30 ECTS.  
The curriculum includes the following compulsory courses:
– Topical issues of international law
– Legal standarts of Council of Europe and the Russian law
– Media law
– Religious and Ethnic minority rights and freedoms under international law
– Intellectual property law
– European Union law
– Russian constitutional law
– Research project

NWIM RANEPA engages in a new collaboration in Baltic Sea Region 
NWIM senior researcher Guzel Yusupova together with colleagues from Gdansk University, University of Gothenburg and SPbSU Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences will study migration and democracy issues in the BSR in the course of project “Migration and Democracy: Confronting Illiberalism in the Baltic Sea Region” (MiDem) supported by the Academic Collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region programme of Swedish Institute. Researchers will organise a series of academic events and conduct a study aimed at enlarging academic cooperation in the field. 

For more information on any of the above mentioned issues, please, contact Dmitry Novik novik-dg@ranepa.ru or Violetta Koshevaya koshevaya-va@ranepa.ru.